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The Best Security Door Locks for Your Businesses

10/28/2015 Back To Blog

Companies have various valuable assets that they need to keep secure inside their offices. The list ranges from documents to cash reserves and servers. There are various ways in which the level of security can be increased. The setup of alarm and security camera systems is commonplace. At the same time, the importance of locks especially for sections and rooms where high security is required must never be underestimated. They are the main physical barriers. When the time for lock change comes, you have to ensure that you will choose the best devices. It all comes down to defining clear criteria for selection.The Best Security Door Locks for Your Businesses

Setting Precise Requirements for Door Locksets

The first decision that you will have to make is whether you want mechanical or electronic locking devices. While the first option can help you to keep your initial costs down, the second one is more effective and cost-efficient especially in the longer term. With electronic devices, the use of physical keys is eliminated. This, in turn, eliminates the risk of an intruder using lost office keys to get access to the building. When such a situation occurs, the access code simply has to be changed. There is no need for rekeying the locks of all doors which the employee with lost keys has had access to.

You should have a clear idea of the lock technologies available at present and decide which ones will work out best for you. The professionals of Locksmith Palos Hills explain that with electronic locks, there are several keyless entry options. The first one is the use of a numeric code which is entered with the use of a keypad. Specially designed software for unlocking electronic devices can be installed on smartphones. As long as the smartphone's software has the right access codes, the user simply needs to get the phone closer to the door in order to open it. Undoubtedly, the locksets with fingertip recognition system are the most advanced. The fingertip of a person serves as the key.

You need to have criteria for assessing the level of security that each lock provides. Consider the most widely used techniques for picking and forceful opening and check whether the device is resistant to them. The make of the device is essential as well. Components made from weaker metal such as zinc are much easier to break compared to those made from brass and steel. Take into account the estimated cycle life of each lock. The longer the cycle life is the more durable and reliable the device is. The security door locks with Grade 1 have excellent qualities. You just have to ensure that all of their components have received this grade and not only some.

Finally, after the lock installation work has been completed, you have to establish a schedule for the maintenance of the new devices.

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