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This FAQ page offers interesting and valuable information about locks and keys. It is directly accessible to all web users looking to learn more about these devices and their features and operation. You will find both the questions and answers to be easy to read and to understand.

Residential Lock Replacement & Installation Services

Are there differences among safes?

Most safes today are digital but if you want to hide DVDs or CDs, there are specific safes made to keep such electronic equipment safe. There are also fire proof safes and these ones are extremely useful for those who want to keep flammable objects like papers. Whatever you choose, just make sure the installation is done properly and the safe is fitted in a place where intruders won't have access to it.

What do I do when the deadbolt doesn't lock right?

Most times, deadbolts don't lock properly when they are not aligned with the strike plate at the door jamb, or when the strike is damaged. So, our professionals advise you to check the condition of the strike plate. Check the edges of the plate and make sure it is aligned and the screws are tightened and not damaged in any way. Then check the bolt. If it doesn't come out completely, the lock needs to be repaired.

What to do when locks freeze in the winter?

The best solution to freezing locks is lubrication. This is a very important part of lock maintenance. There are a number of specially formulated lock lubricants in the market, many of which are graphite based. These are perfect for preventing moisture from condensing on the interior surfaces of the lock. Once the lubricant has been applied, the chances of the locks freezing will be drastically reduced.

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