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Optimize the security of your property with the following tips related to locks and keys. Discover small secrets and practical ideas designed especially for people without special technical knowledge or skills. All tips on this page are easy to apply.

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Take care of your keys

If you forget that your keys should be treated just like any other valuable object (credit cards for example), it's time for you to change habits. Don't leave them exposed to places where they can be photographed because they can be easily copied. Keep them in a secure place when you are at home. As for your car transponder key, Locksmith Palos Hills recommends hiding it in your briefcase instead of putting it in your pocket from where it can be stolen easily.

Lubricate your locks

If you have old door locks, lubricate them once in a while. Of course, if they are really old, it's best to have them replaced and get new ones. Though, you will still need to lubricate the new security door locks. Lubricants are good for the steel parts and will help you turn the key much easier.

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